The Bahn Stormer Summaries

Thursday, February 8, 2018 7:14 PM

All of the Bahn Stormer issues are also listed in the Archives. This page provides the summaries and links to the issues. Not all of the summariers are here (submit them to me if you would like to add any).

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Bahn Stormer Archives

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Editor: Mike O’Rear (2006 - present)

December 2012 President Rick likes our car club; he also specifically thanks members Mary Ann Kantrow, Burghard Linn, Christian Maloof, Mike O'Rear, and Glenn Trap for their years of hard work in our club; pictures from the Jingle Bell Bash; report on Sebastian Gaeta's Polar Bear Run; some Porsche gift ideas that doesn't involve a 5-year, 1.9% financing; the Cranky Driver sees dead engines; Zone 4 news; Jeremy Goddard proposes a better job interview technique; learn German and the Porsche, AG family tree at the same time; VP Tim Pott gives a history lesson— on 911 fuel systems; Tom Fielitz runs off to Road America and reviews the book, Ultimate Speed Secrets.
November 2012 President Rick likes to time-shift his tv; Wet-and-wild, the fall color tour report; Time with Tim is well balanced; read about how to properly store your Porsche for the winter; Zone 4 news; An Englishman's View on driving smoothness; Tom Fielitz rambles about the latest car diets; the Cranky Driver gets a German S-ticket; Valerie Roedenbeck gets the straight shot (of milk?) from Team Bovine;
October 2012 President Rick gets Goodwood, marvels at driver's who know what they're supposed to do, and rubs it in the noses of those that did not attend the September 2012 track event that ArborMotion was making made-to-order omelettes. I may need a moment. (Okay, I'm back.) Elections! Vote for someone, or something. Mike O'Rear gives a report on the Automotive Metal Shaping Tour with pictures from Stewart Free; RSR member Paul Gruche's (Groosh) 928 Art Car; Tom Fielitz talks telemetry; EMan's Old Cars report from the Woodward Dream Cruise; August 2012 track report.
September 2012 President Rick likes September and reminds us of Drive Your 356 (or any Porsche) Day (or All the Time) and reveals the secret identities of our elite track event team; plenty of pictures from the Fox Grill Dream Cruise and the August DE event; RSR member Ernesto Roedenbeck goes Old School racing, taking names and kicking asphalt; Stewart and Sally Free see how the other side tours in a Mercedes Benz event; Rick Mammel has a Blood Disorder, which may or may not be a super power; David Cooper reports on the Third Annual Irish Hills Lake Tour + MIS + Beach party, and takes no bikini pictures; Tom Fielitz discusses safety innovation in cars (but does not include talking airbag in rear seat).
August 2012 President Rick asks not what your club can do for you, but how much fun can you have participating in our events; club members attended the Ann Arbor Rolling Sculpture Car Show; Frank Burger draws freebody diagrams and does math to show that he's better off with his screws (and strut tower) loose; a Waterford Beginner's Day II (Electric Boogaloo) track report; how to clean your Porsche's wheels; Tom Fielitz talks about lots and lots of horsepower; and Jeremy Goddard is becoming my favorite contributor.
July 2012 President Rick drives on country roads and thanks a Porscheload of people: Tim Pott, Tom Bloom, Tom Krueger, Christian Maloof, Valerie Roedenbeck, Sue Sarin, Pat Kjoller (MVR), Brad Ruiz and Frank Burger (must have been a Cayenne); Hidden Lake Gardens Tour report from Mike O'Rear; Brain Buckets and Organ Donors; Skid Pads Traffic Circles of Death; Grattan DE report; Tom Fielitz says the future is plastic; decoding tire hieroglyphics; and Valerie Roedenbeck talks about going topless in a 2013 Boxster. Uh... it's the Boxster that's topless.
June 2012 President Rick gushes over Beginner's day and reveals his dark side--his home town is in Canada; Dianne Kimber hangs out with the Young People; Jeremy Goddard shows the Mother of All Roundabouts at Heathrow, one of the craziest airports to drive into; Mike O'Rear and Glenn Trapp report on Beginner's Day at the track; Zone 4 news from Ron Carr; Rick Mammel drives on Vancouver Island; Porsche's new message confuses Tom Fielitz; EMan, der Cranky Webmeister, comes home again; gifts for Father's Day.
May 2012 President Rick recaps Michelin Man Doug Brown's tire talk, and wants to give you points for doing stuff; report from the R&A Engineering tour with Maumee Valley; O2 or N2? that is the question; RSR member Jeremy Goddard talks about one of my favorite traffic feature—traffic circles; Mike O'Rear likes latex (but calls it 3M Paint Protection Plus film); President Rick is all charged up about batteries; the Cranky Webmeister plays the Stereotype Game; Tom Fielitz talks about the birds and bees about racing; hi! thanks for reading my summary!
April 2012
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President Rick Mammel tackles global warming; photos from Time with Tim; the Cranky Webmeister spins a web tale; Rick Mammel discusses a hammerman not named after a Norse god; a Rolex 24 Hours recap from the inside; Jeremy Goddard doesn't like braking (and neither does this Webmeister); a historically important Porsche prototype?; Tim Pott talks corn alcohol; Zone 4 news; Tom Fielitz dicusses Porsches at Daytona;
March 2012
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President Rick Mammel says hello to our new vice president and new board members; he also mentions the 2013 PCA Parade, which will be in Traverse City; RSR member Jeremy Goddard excellent European weekend in a 911 C4S; with RSR turning sweet 16, see the list of past officials; Mid Ohio Region's Maury Walsh has his car featured in Excellence; Southeastern Michigan member Tom Fielitz goes retro in Rumblings from a Life with Cars;
January-February 2012
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There’s a new sheriff in town, and President Rick Mammel says some really nice things about people who do stuff for the club; enthusiast Jeremy Goddard asks you to consider driving the Nürburgring (and you should listen); see Porsche literature from April 1965; Rick Mammel writes about the passing of Gianpiero Moretti; Time with Tim pictures; the Cranky Driver complains about the Need for Speed; a list of Zone 4 events from representative Ron Carr; Tom Fielitz’s Ramblings considers driver skill transfer function; and decoding Porsche VIN numbers (no decoder ring required).


December 2011
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El Presidente says good-bye; a list of drivers from the first Rally Sport driver ed event; an old 356 advertisement; a Cranky Driver waxes over winter rubber; Al Gaulin recalls A Day at the Track; a word from Zone 4 representative Ron Carr; Tom Fielitz's Rambling from a Life with Cars talks about track days, too; Sean Michael turns in a book review; and VP Rick Mammel's final Final Lap (for now).
November 2011
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El Presidente asks you which car you've owned is/was your favorite; Time with Tim report; EMan's BS Report; fall color tour report; Zone 4 report; Ramblings from a Life with Cars talks about race car drivers; 2011 election ballot; you can apparently buy stuff on the internet; and VP Rick Mammel believes that some drivers on public may not be very good.
October 2011
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Upcoming events; a few words from El Presidente; a Cranky Driver re-visits a peak; Parade pictures; Ramblings goes both ways; Blue Ridge Boxster summit; our Brighton club meeting; Rick Mammel talks about Porsche ownership.
September 2011
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El Presidente chooses not to go dictator for life; August DE at Waterford; Ramblings from a Life with Cars goes Doppelkupplung; Peter Maehling wins the Pittsburg Vintage Grand Prix and gets his picture taken with a big ... grin; Rick Mammel goes casual... in a BMW.
August 2011
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El Presidente goes to the race track. Twice. Tim Potts talks DNA; Tom Fielitz has car feel; the Beach Run report; Mid-Ohio vintage Grand Prix report; and a Final Lap with VP Rick Mammel.
July 2011
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El Presidente Jim Christopher writes (and we read); upcoming events; read about Time with Tim; Ramblings from a Life with Cars; "Just Another Drive in the Country" report; a letter from Ron Carr, Zone 4 rep; and a Final Lap with VP Rick Mammel.
June 2011
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El Presidente listens to the music in his head; Automark Collision meeting report; see RSP's virgin officials; Ramblings from a Life with Cars; read about the upcoming PCA parade in Savannah; Waterford Hills Beginner's Day event; in the Zone from Ron Carr; Final Lap from Rick Mammel.
May 2011
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Check out our Calendar of Events; Eyes on Design Auto Show; a few words on Driver Education, a 1989 Carrera engine rebuild; vP Rick Mammel is on pins and ... pins; life of a road cone; and even more stuff!
April 2011
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Calendar of Events; El Presidente listens to the voices in his head, and likes it; 356's spotters guide, part 4; Jean-Marie Bertholee'r RSR racing team finishes in 2nd and 3rd places; Rolex 24 at Daytona; RSR holiday party report; an update from Zone 4 representative Ron Carr; and VP Rick Mammel talks flat-6 turbo engines.
March 2011
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Calendar of Events (including Waterford track events); monthly message from our Fearless Leader; list of near-by car museums; 356 spotter’s guide; Christian Maloof playing working hard in the desert. President Jim Christopher loses either his mind or eyesight in a Porsche comparison; Ken Lingenfelter’s car collection; and a message from Zone 4 rep Ron Carr.
January-February 2011
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Calendar of Events, monthly message from our Fearless Leader, Google is der Crankywebmeister's friend, Sebastian Gaeta's guide to 356 watching, a message from PCA Zone 4 representative Ron Carr, and a final lap from VP Rick Mammel.


December 2010
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Read about the president's fetish for the large and wide; Rick Mammel discusses Points and Condensers, and possibly horseshoes; how to stalk and observe a 356; and find out about all upcoming events.
November 2010
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It's the return of the Pumpkin Porsche; read a few words from Fearless Leader; see what happened on the fall color tour; check out the proposed changes to the by-laws; see who's running for the board; take a gander at our proposed new logos; Dianne Kimber talks about volunteerism; and much more.
October 2010
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Read the reports on Legendary Road Trip, Baker's in Milford, and Waterford event. VP Rick Mammel reminisces; the Cranky Driver hates the autobahn; President Jim reminds us to mind our (road) manners. Also, new logos on the horizon.
September 2010
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Check out all of the upcoming events, from Halton Hills, Ontario to Milford to Frankenmuth. Also find out where to park in Germany, and where exactly das (or der) Flughafen is. Find out what (CAST) TxS=D has to do with driving (and not programming), and see the list of people who started this whole crazy thing called Rally Sport.
August 2010
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Read about the Irish Hills Lake Tour, the Jackson Tour, and the Time-Speed-Distance Rally. Mike O'Rear decides to take a 356 adventure and wonders, "What could possibly go wrong?" Valerie Roedenbeck writes about the Porsche Parade Concours D'Elegance, which includes our very own Karl and Nancy Schulz and their 1974 914 that took first place. And if that's not enough, our president carries a Big Stick.
July 2010
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RSR President Jim Christopher explains the proper way to dunk a basketball, RSR storms through Grattan, upcoming events (lots!), Ramblings from a Life with Cars - It's the Tires, A Bavarian Belle, Driving the Natchez Trace Parkway, David Donohue, plus much more!
June 2010
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Porsches at the Gilmore Museum, upcoming events (lots!), battery safety, Ramblings from a Life with Cars, the Cranky Driver is distracted, track insurance coverage, plus much more!
May 2010
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The "Appaloosa," Jim Christopher gets a make-over, multi-region swap meet, Ramblings from a Life with Cars, and upcoming events.
April 2010
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Feather bowling report (find out what it is!), engine rebuild at Grand Sport, biology and sex in cars (or something like that), PDK transmission, ice racing in St. Malo (probably not near St. Tropez), and a 356 maestro in San Clemente.
March 2010
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Rennstatt Technical Session report, stolen 917 engines, history of PCA, 2009 Porsche Parade revisited. Upcoming events: Gilmore museum, Devil's in the Details, multi-region PCA swap meet
January-February 2010
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Calendar of Events, Belgian Feather Bowling, Gilmore Museum Tour, 2009 Parade Time-Speed Rally, 2010 Porsche Parade.


May 2009
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President Pat Jeski thinks about getting ready for the new driving season; report on tour of RM Motorsports in Wixom; a Porsche-diesel junior model-- Porsche’s competitor to Lamborghini; the Master Cylinder provide answers to your car tech questions.
April 2009
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President Pat Jeski is full of it (beer, apparently); a tour of the amazing Lingenfelter car collection; an event committee survey; 4M/Munk’s Motors/PUB Racing heads down to Road Atlanta ARRC race (last November); input for Rally Sport’s charity contributions; Winter Gatherning report at the Detroit Kennel Club dog show.
March 2009
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All Cars to Grid, review of The Art of Racing in the Rain; Holiday Party, 60 Years of Porsche, Parade for the Car-less
January-February 2009
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RSR Winter Gathering, Review of 997 Carrera, New Porsche Museum, DETech School

Editor: Glenn Trapp, Joe Lile, Burghard Linn (2002 - 2005)

Editor: Lori Jo Sahinbas (1998 - 2002)

Editor: EMan (1996 - 1998)

Editor: The Dark Times (Precambrian - 1996)