High Performance Driver Education

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 8:51 AM [EST]

Due to the current health situation with the coronavirus, all Rally Sport club activities are suspended until further notice.

For those new to DE events or are thinking about it, try these links first:

Rally Sport Region’s high performance driver’s education (HPDE) is nothing like the driving classes you had in high school (or perhaps through the Sears Driving School). RSP's HPDEs offer you the chance to learn advanced driving techniques on a real race track. HPDEs take place over the course of a day or weekend, pairing drivers of all levels with certified instructors and allowing them to experience driving at speed. Our sessions are a safe and challenging way for you to experience driving a Porsche the way it was meant to be driven. If you love your car and have always wanted to learn more about driving technique, join us!

When you participate in Rally Sport Region HPDEs you get...

  • An experienced PCA instructor (who in many cases is a current or former race driver) assigned to you for the duration of the course. You’ll develop a relationship that will allow you to apply and refine what you learn on and off the track.
  • Two or more classroom sessions covering proper driving technique. The classes offer plenty of time to ask questions.
  • Four hands-on driving sessions (“runs”) on the track. No need to worry about people being faster/slower than you; you will be assigned to a group according to your experience and ability.
  • Continental breakfast, lunch and beverages are included.
  • If needed, a free loaner helmet.
  • A guaranteed relaxed, collegial and fun atmosphere!

To attend an HPDE, you don’t need to join RSP (although we'd love to have you as a member). Simply go to www.motorsportreg.com and sign up for the event of your choice (or go download the registration form, fill it out, and send it in), have your car inspected, and you’re ready to run. The cost for Waterford Hills is $TBD for PCA members and $TBD for non-PCA members.

(Note: If you are already logged into www.motorsportreg.com, clicking on the dates below will take you to that registration page.)

2020 Rally Sport Driver’s Education Schedule


Beginner’s Day at Waterford Hills

All levels welcome!

Beginners, here’s what to expect, cleverly called: What to Expect.
Early registration prices:
PCA Members: $TBD
Non-PCA Members: $TBD
SmugMug upload link:


Weekend at Grattan Raceway

Saturday-Sunday prices:
PCA Members: $TBD
Non-PCA Members: $TBD


Tuesday at Waterford Hills


Early registration prices:
PCA Members: $TBD
Non-PCA Members: $TBD


Friday and Saturday at Waterford Hills


PCA Members (starting from): $TBD
Non-PCA Members (starting from): $TBD


Tuesday at Waterford Hills


Early registration prices:
PCA Members: $TBD
Non-PCA Members: $TBD

Looking for more HPDE Events? Visit our Area Track Events Schedule Page.


General Event information

Our events are carefully planned and managed by Track Chairperson Christian Maloof and Track Registrar Thomas Krueger along with many more volunteer club members.

Porsche Club of America is a private, not-for-profit organization. It reserves the right to deny the acceptance of any Driver's Education application, or to revoke any application previously accepted, for any reason or no reason, except that it will not deny or revoke a Driver's Education application solely on the basis of race, creed, color, sex or national origin.


2020 Instructor Summit - Indianapolis

Eighteen Rally Sport instructors attended this event

Lap of Waterford Hills

Chief Instructor Christian Maloof takes you on a tour of Waterford Hills


Track Reports

Join the adventures of the RSR-ites as we travel to tracks around the area.

Link: 2012-05-22 Waterford Hills Beginner's Day

Link: 2011-07-26 Waterford Track Day (thanks to Wes Nardoni for the pictures)

Link: 2010-06-11 Grattan Weekend

Link: 2010-05-25 Waterford Hills Beginner’s Day

Link: 2008-10-04 Mid-Ohio, Grattan Weekend

Link: 2008-08-11 Gingerman with the Great Lakes Lotus Club


Track Maps

(Right-click to download)

Waterford (pdf)

Grattan (gif @ 734×304)

Grattan driving lines (jpg @ 2658×828)


Even More Information

These links are additional more information put together by our members over the years. They supplement the other information found on this site.

Link: Introduction to DE

Link: Tech Inspection

Link: Preparing Your Vehicle