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Monday, May 22, 2017 9:26 PM

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  • Club information
  • How do I join?
  • Changing your address
  • RSP History
  • RSP Logos
  • Links to membership form
  • Contact information for Membership Chairperson Glenn Trapp



  • Events summary
  • Events calendar (social and driver’s education (DE))
  • Link to driver’s education (DE) page
  • Meet your events commitee
  • Link to events archive


Driver’s Education (DE)

  • Introduction to RSR’s DEs
  • Interactive DE Schedule
  • Links to registration / tech inspection forms
  • Contact information for Track Chairman Christian Maloof / Track registrar Tom Krueger
  • Introduction to DE events
  • Link to Driver instructor code of conduct
  • Pictorial of past DE events
  • Video: take a lap with a novice DE student and his instructor


Bahn Stormer

  • Bahn Stormer summaries
  • Contact information for Editor Mike O’Rear
  • Links to current Bahn Stormer issues
  • Bahn Stormer archive
  • Link to current Bahn Stormer issue


RSR Officials Page

  • General RSR information
  • Board member / officer roster
  • Board Meeting information
  • Board Meeting minutes
  • Interactive RSR member directory


Goodie Store

  • Available RSR merchandise listing
  • Ordering instructions
  • Contact information for Goodie Store Chairman Jim Christopher



  • Membership application
  • Registration for driver’s education (DE) events
  • Tech inspection forms



  • Link to RSR articles
  • Link to Bahn Stormer
  • Tech articles
  • Event articles/photos



  • Porsche-related links


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