Tech Inspections

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 8:47 PM

A tech inspection of your vehicle generally takes about a half hour to complete. In the process, a mechanic checks the condition of key components in your vehicle, such as brakes, tires, and restraints (seat belts or harnesses), among others. During the inspection, he or she completes the tech inspection form.

Technical inspections are required of all cars participating in Rally Sport Region track events. Tech inspections must be completed before you arrive at an RSP track event. When you arrive at the track, your vehicle (and completed tech inspection form) will be inspected by RSP personnel before the start of the event, and if it does not pass you will not be allowed to run.

Tech inspections are valid for 30 days or one track event, which ever comes first.

For a more detailed explanation of tech inspections, please click here. If you have additional questions about what a tech inspection entails, please feel free to contact Track Registrar Tom Krueger at RSRregistrar(at) or Track Chairman Christian Maloof.

Tech inspections can be completed by a qualified mechanic, your local dealership, or at one of the following events:

2011 Scheduled Tech Inspections
Apr 23 DE Tech Inspection, Munk Motors
10 am - 4 pm