Driver Education Timeline – What to Expect

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 8:40 PM

This is yet even more stuff about the track (YEMSATT). This page outlines what happens when, and what you should do for track events. The photos and description below are specific for Waterford Hills events, but are very similar for other tracks as well.

Additional general information about a driver education event can be found here.

Months Before the Event:

Sign Up for an Event
The schedule for the driver education events are set at the beginning of the year. Check our main HPDE web page for the schedule. Currently, the registration is either through (preferred), or by downloading the registration from our Forms page and mailing it along with your payment to Burghard Linn, 5248 Milroy Lane, Brighton, MI 48116.

Prepare Your Car
Now is a good time to make sure your car will be ready for the track. Take a look at the tech inspection sheet on our Forms page to see what areas to work on. There may also be Rally Sport/PCA tech events that you may attend that help prepare you and your car for the track. Please check our events schedule.

Link: Preparing Your Vehicle

30 Days Before the Event:

Get a Technical Inspection
You can get a technical inspection for your car from your local Porsche dealer. You can also contact the names on the tech inspection form to schedule something with them. Some of our sponsors, such as Rennstatt/ArborMotion can also do tech inspections.

A technical inspection is good for 30 days. You will need this for your on-track registration and final track tech inspection. Your brake fluid must be flushed with new fluid at least once per track season. A flush is good for 9 months.

(Please don’t use the image below as the actual tech inspection form—it is only here as an example. Please always go to the Forms page for the latest version.)

2012 Tech Inspection Form

One Week Before the Event:

Receive Confirmation
A confirmation e-mail/letter will be sent to you around this time. If not, please contact the registrar.

Night Before the Event:

Pack for the Track
Old track hands will be trying to swap motors or installing a second turbocharger to their cars into the wee small hours of the morning. Don’t do that. Instead, go over your tech inspection form to make sure it’s all set. Pack water or snacks (these are usually provided, but can run out). If you like to over-prepare, bring basic tools, rags, and weather-appropriate gear. Check the weather and dress comfortably for the weather. It can be cold or hot, wet or dry. Specific weather related clothing recommendations will be made for each event with the event materials. The only limitation on clothing involves shoes. No high heels or sandals; you must have flat soled, closed shoes, preferably tennis shoes, or the like. Finally, get a good night’s sleep.

Day of the Event:

[7:30 - 8:00 am] Arrive at the Track
Try to get here early if it’s your first time. Find a place to park your car and begin emptying it, getting it ready for its final tech inspection.

Paddock Paddock

Bring your valid driver's license and tech inspection form to the registration table. You will be asked to sign the Rally Sport/PCA and track waiver forms. You will also receive a packet with the schedule of the day and die-cut numbers for your vehicle.

(Hint: There are usually three sets of numbers. The smaller sized number goes on the windshield, and the other two go on the side rear windows. If your car has two drivers, then you will get another sets of numbers. Put the numbers side by side.)


[8:00 am] Tech Inspection
Your instructor will go over the right half of your tech inspection sheet to perform a final inspection of your vehicle. In the packet there will be a list of the participants, look to the left of your name and you will find your instructors name along with his car information (ie blue 911, red BMW M3, etc.) This will help you find your instructor. If you have trouble finding him try asking another instructor to point him/her out for you. Please turn the tech form in at the registration table when it’s completed.

[8:40 am] Drivers’ Meeting
This is a mandatory drivers’ meeting. Anyone missing the drivers’meeting will not be allowed to run. Class instruction normally follows immediately after this meeting, starting with the Green (Beginners) group.

Drivers Meeting

[Rest of the Day] Check Schedule & Drive!
Throughout the day, depending on your level, you will have classroom instruction, track run time and lunch. Please check the schedule so you know where you have to be at any time.

Schedule Lunch Go that way...

[5:00 pm] Fun and Friendly
After the Fast, we get together for some Friendly at some restaurant in the area to swap stories (never paint). In weekend events, this is usually a dinner on Saturday night. Please check with event coordinators.