Rally Sport Event Pictures

Sunday, October 28, 2018 8:43 PM

We will be using SmugMug for picture galleries of our events. Members will be able to upload photos taken during an event and curated galleries will be available for viewing from these events. The link is:


The following is the basic procedure for uploading/downloading pictures.

Uploading Process

The general announcement of the event will include a unique upload link for pictures. That link can be used for anyone who took pictures at the event to upload those they want to share. Captions added to the picture EXIF file before uploading, will be uploaded as well. Please notify administrator via e-mail to rallysport.pca(at) gmail.com that you did upload your pics so that you get proper credit.

View, Download, or Share Uploaded Pictures

To view uploaded pictures, go to https://rsrpics.smugmug.com/RSR-Picture-Upload-Folder. From here you can also download and share any picture.

Curated Event Pictures

An RSR designated curator will select pictures from each event and place them in the appropriate event gallery. Anyone who has access to the RSR picture website https://rsrpics.smugmug.com/RSR-Curated-Pictures can download pictures as well.

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