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Time to dust off the cars and get the competitive juices flowing!  Now that the salt is finally off the roads we're going to have our first annual* Spring Dust-Off TSD Rally!  We had two well attended and fun rallies last year, so we're trying for three this year, starting with our first one on May 20 immediately following the monthly Ann Arbor Cars & Coffee.  This event is being generously hosted by our friends at Stadium Auto Service which is right around the corner from the Cars & Coffee.  We'll start meeting at Stadium at 9 (when C&C ends), with driver's meeting at 9:30 and first car out no later than 10AM.  Drive will wind around the area for a couple hours before ending at Block Brewery in Howell for awards and optional lunch. 
Pre-registration and a $20/car entry fee will be required; we will send details on the registration info in a separate email shortly.

And if your response to the above was “what is a TSD rally and how can we have a competitive drive on public roads?” here are some basics…  While the primary objective is of course to have fun with our cars and our friends, TSD is a competition– we do keep score and there will be winners and prizes!

TSD stands for Time – Speed – Distance.  Competitors attempt to follow a given route at a series of fixed speeds; the winner is the team that most closely matches the ideal time over each of the measured sections of the route.

Some basics of how it works:

·         There will be no dirt roads.  You don't need to worry about any damage or wear and tear to your vehicle beyond normal PCA scenic drives.

·         We're using a smartphone app to track your progress.  Not only does this make the rally much easier for the competitors (no need to try to find a checkpoint and fill out time slips), it lets us keep track of where you are– if anyone gets off course we can call you and get you back on the route.

·         The driving route is roughly two hours long; counting breaks we expect everyone to finish in about 2.5 hours.

·         Legal speeds are maintained throughout– there is no need or advantage to exceeding posted speeds.

·         There will be a single class with no advanced rally equipment allowed.  Everyone can be competitive with just their car and smartphone.  If you are a more advanced rallyist and do want to use the good stuff, just contact us in advance so we can work out a class for you.

·         There aren't any tricks to try to get you lost.  Main challenge will just be maintaining the correct speed.  Intent is for everyone to have fun on a nice drive route!

·         There will be a “gimmick” so even those who don't get the best times will have a chance to win a prize.


Looking forward to seeing everyone!  Any questions, email Diane at



Your Rally Masters

Diane Thomson
John Thomson

Jim Glenn

Nick Bleau


* “First annual” does not imply that we've actually done any research to find out if it's been done before, and we won't really find out if it's annual until next year now will we?  If you actually followed the asterisk, you'll probably be great at TSD!

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