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Hi Everyone!

We have a scheduled Board meeting coming up, scheduled for Monday, July 13 (we skipped July 6th because of the Holiday). I have been advised that Karls will be open, and we have two options if we want to have a “real” meeting:
1. We can meet in our usual space. We will not be able to have the tables pushed together, but will be able to seat 4-5 people at each table. Figure 3 or 4 tables.
2. They have opened a new picnic area outside, and we can meet outside in this area. We can put 2 picnic tables together and seat 8-10 per table pair. Figure we would need 2 “pair” and could seat all comfortably.
Please let me know ASAP IF:
1. You would attend this “in-person” meeting, regardless of seating/location?
2. You would attend, but only if we could sit outside?
3. You would not attend under any circumstance?
I believe we can have this meeting in person and still be well within all pandemic guidelines. That said, and for those who have read my article in the current Bahn Stormer…this is a personal choice.
Will let everyone know as soon as the votes are in!

Peter Grant

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