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The December Rally Sport Region board/member meeting has been cancelled.

The next scheduled meeting will be February, 2023.

Don't forget to submit your ballot for our 2022 RSR election

using one of the methods listed below.


Rally Sport Region

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2022 Election Ballot


Four positions on the board are up for election this year.  Each member and their affiliate may vote

for the four Board Members.  Please return your ballot by using one of the following methods:





Snail Mail

Mary Ann Kantrow

5557 North Territorial Rd

Ann Arbor, MI  48105

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In person

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The Candidates are:


Charlie Brown III
I’m seeking reelection for the RSR Board.  I’ve been a Rally Sport member for seven years now (how time flies when you’re having fun!).  That’s after almost 20 years with Southeast Michigan from late-70’s to early-90s before I took some time off.  I jumped back in the deep end of the pool with both feet, helping to organize multiple tours, instructing at the HPDEs, serving on the Board and even region Registrar, now into my 2nd year, with highlight being registrar for the Inaugural Porsche in the Park event in July.  I’ve been a car junkie most of my life, building plastic 1:24 models as a kid through a variety of 1:1 scale real cars in the garage.  Tons of autocrosses led to a 17-year amateur racing career in SCCA.  47½ years of 356 ownership finally morphed into owner of a well-loved 2007 Penn State blue (OK, midnight blue) Cayman S last November.  Sooo nice having A/C & cruise control whilst driving to/from events!!  Retired from 40+ years working on engines for Ford’s, AMC and finally Chrysler/FCA where I spent 23 years working on Viper/Hellcat/Demon engine designs and short stint in Supplier Quality.  Spending quality time in the garage working on more full-sized toys.  I’ve enjoyed getting involved in the daily workings of the club and will gladly continue to do so as long as all y’all say so!


Sebastian Gaeta

I am excited to submit my candidacy for the open Board position for Rally Sport Region. I have been a PCA member for 28 years (nearly 15 years with RSR) and in that span I have owned two 356s, three air cooled 911s, a 986 Boxster, a 996 and a 997 plus my current car, a recently purchased 981 Boxster. As an RSR member I have hosted several events, contributed to the Bahn Stormer and most importantly have made lifelong friends in RSR and dearly want to lend my experience to this great Region. Having served on the board of the Motor Cities Gruppe (the Detroit area 356 club) for nearly 20 years as well as being the editor of its Magazine, I am in tune with what makes a club go (it's all about the membership) and how to help form policies and make decisions that benefit the club members.  Your vote will be greatly appreciated.



Alex Green

Hello, stepping into a Board position will be a new step for me with this club. I have been around the PCA for my entire life with my parents initially starting with SEM, then coming over and starting RSP with many other current active members. Since I was little, the club has given me so much, and was an amazing community to grow up in. Back in 2015 my dad brought me out for my first day on track at our annual June Grattan event, and since then I have not been able to stop. Since that first day in a 2007 GT3 I have barely missed an RSP track day and have now become a PCA instructor, which earlier this year has now been extended to a PCA National Instructor. From all the great experiences that I have had over the years I hope to be able to give back to the region, to continue making this region the Fast, Fun, and Friendly region I have always known.


Matt Huber

I have been a PCA member for over 30 years. Started as a dedicated trackie. As time passed, I became the region's charter present. Overseeing the launch of RSR. Now my time is split between the track and social events.

My garage is currently filled with a '87 911 turbo and 2007 GT3.  Looking forward to supporting the club with a 2nd term on the board.


Will Rogers

I've been a Porsche enthusiast since I was little, under 5 or so. I saw a neighbors new green car, I wasn't sure what it was but the lines, the hips, it was so amazing to me. Come to find out it was a 911. I begged my parents for a 951 as my first car…that never happened. At 18 I secretly purchased a very rough 944, kept it at my brothers and fixed it up a bit. Funny enough, that's the car I learned how to drive a manual, Friday afternoon I bought it at a Kroger parking lot, the seller gave a few pointers and I drove it to my brothers, looking back a pretty dumb move driving it on public roads with a 5 minute crash course on manuals. Since then I've had a P car in my garage, 3 Cayennes, a Boxster, the long time dream a 951 and for the better half of the last decade my 996. Most came and gone within a year, although a few I really wish I still had, the timeless 911 has stuck. Even if it isn't the “best generation” I still love it. I'm a bit car obsessed, specifically Porsche's and a few others I won't mention here. Like many members, my garage and office has car art, on the garage a large dealer poster of a 997 gt2, banners and blueprint style Porsche prints. That way I can enjoy the view even during the winter and the 911s in a pole barn for storage. It would be an honor to serve the region again as a board member.




2022 Election Ballot




Candidates for the Board (Vote for no more than four)

                                                           PCA Member                                       PCA Associate Member

Charlie Brown (Incumbent)              _________                                             __________

Sebastian Gaeta                              __________                                           __________

Alex Green                                                                                                                          

Matt Huber (Incumbent)                                                                                                                              

Will Rogers                                                                                                                          

Write In                                             __________                                          __________        



Membership Numbers:           ____________________        _____________________


Signatures:                              ____________________        _____________________


Reminder: The ballot must be signed or your votes will not count.

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