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 Not surprisingly, pandemic issues continue to play a significant role in all our lives, and things such as wearing a mask and keeping a proper “social distance” are becoming (sadly) routine. While this is not fun, it’s important to keep in mind the potential dire consequences of being careless.

 As a club, we should be proud of the fact that we’ve managed to have two significant track events (two day DEs at both Grattan and Waterford) and a wonderful drive through the Michigan countryside attended by over 50 cars. Thanks to Christian Maloof and Mike (and Kathy) O’Rear for their hard work, especially as it relates to keeping these events pandemic friendly and safe for all who attended.

 Sadly, many other RSR events, both past and upcoming, have been cancelled or postponed due to the difficulty of staging them while remaining safe and compliant with all the mandates in place that are aimed at keeping us safe. DE events have been particularly challenging since we can only host solo drivers. In-car instruction would violate mandated social distancing restrictions. Thus, gaining enough participants to hold an event without losing significant amounts of money has been difficult, and caused us to cancel our one-day June DE at Waterford. IT IS ALSO THE REASON FOR CANCELLING OUR UPCOMING SEPTEMBER 15 DE AS WELL.

 Other states, and even different parts of this state have different mandates in place, so for those who are hoping to still get some track time in before the end of the season, I encourage you to check out possibilities on MotorsportReg.

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