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RSR Holiday Party


Businesses large and small across the country are requiring proof of vaccination for entry into their place of business. Restaurants, theaters, music venues, etc. Why? Because vaccinated people are safer to be around. They are less likely to be infected, and they are less likely to spread the virus to others. Scientific data supports these facts.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, as president I’ve had to make some difficult decisions on many of our social events, and have stated on more than one occasion that the primary guiding principle for all these decisions has been the safety and health of our membership.


The RSR Holiday party is considered to be the President’s event, and while I, as President, have stated publicly that I dislike the idea of requiring proof of vaccination to attend, it is the right thing to do if I am to remain faithful to my mission to keep our membership safe and healthy. So, attendance at this year’s Holiday Party will require proof of vaccination or a current negative Covid test to attend. I hope you will understand and support that decision.


The party will once again be held as a charity event in support of Mott Children’s Hospital, and details of the event and how to donate can be found in the current issue of the Bahn Stormer. Hope to see you there!

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