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Thanksgiving Marks the Opening of Our “Virtual” Holiday Party for Mott Children’s Hospital
Below is a picture of our “Mott Christmas Box” that is now in place at Germain Porsche (you have to look behind that beautiful 911!). Thanks to Eric Gedeon for his beautiful wrapping job, and again to Germain Porsche for all the support they provide RSR and PCA. We will be collecting toys for kids of all ages who will be spending the Holidays in the hospital at Mott, so please be generous. Let’s aim to fill the box to overflowing with toys for the sick kids…and think about the Spirit of RSR Christmas Parties Past as you drop your gifts off.
Can’t make it to Germain? You can send a check as noted in the Holiday Party (Virtual) announcement copied below…OR…as also noted below, shop online at the Mott registries on either Amazon or Target. Please note that if you shop online at the Mott registry, there is an option to have your gift shipped directly to Mott. Should you chose this option, PLEASE let me know (Peter Grant) the value of your donation as the club will be adding up our total donation and match is as the RSR contribution (in lieu of the cost of putting the party on!).
So let’s fire up those shopping trips, on line trips, or checks to support the kids. Thank you, and have a wonderful, safe, happy, and healthy Holiday Season!

Peter Grant





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