Milage Ann Arbor to Stockbridge -- Zero your odometer!
0 Right on Jackson (east bound). Continue through two traffic lights and then keep left.
0.5 Left U-turn to Jackson (west bound) -- immediately move to right lane.
0.7 Right on Zeeb (north bound)
3.3 Continue across Huron River Dr.
4.3 Right on Joy Road (at stop sign).
5.3 Left on Webster-Church Road.
7.6 Left on North Territorial Road (at stop sign).
21.4 Left on M52 (at stop sign).
24.6 Right on Waterloo Road. (Caution loose gravel on corner.)
24.8 Guess who's a Hockey Fan (on right).
30.0 Left Clear Lake Road (at stop sign).
30.5 At curve -- stay Right.
31.5 Right on Trist Road.
32.7 At curve -- stay Left on Seymour Road.
35.5 Disregard signs warning of loose gravel -- the road repairs are not "fresh."
39.7 Right on Wooster Road.
42.0 Right on Coon Hill Road (at stop sign).
42.8 At curve -- stay Right on Coon Hill.
45.8 Really now, how many places can you buy raw fur?
46.0 Left on Coon Hill (to Munith).
47.4 Watch Speed -- 25 mph -- in village of Munith.
48.0 Right on M106 (at stop sign). (Street sign says Plum Orchard.)
54.3 Arrive downtown Stockbridge. Find a parking spot. See map below.
Break (For 30-45 minutes) Browse the Town Square, have lunch, buy some stuff!! For gourmets there are German & Polish Sausages, Elephant Ears, Kettle Popcorn and Smoothies. For those wanting actual sustanence the Red Sky Coffee House (across Clinton Street from the Town Square) has sandwiches (including grilled), soups and salads (and a restroom for customers). Just west of town on M-52 are two small restaurants, the funky Stage Stop (on the South side of the road) and Go Brew (on the North side).
Milage Stockbridge to Dexter -- Zero your odometer!
0.0 Head east out of Stockbridge on M-106 North.
4.3 Right on Williamsville Road
6.8 Slow down for Unidilla (a town, not an animal)
7.2 Right on Unidilla (at stop sign).
7.2+ Then immediately Left on Kaiser.
7.2++ Then immediate Right on Hadley.
11.5 Left on North Territorial Road (at stop sign).
14.4 Right on Dexter-Town Hall Road (blinking yellow light) Caution -- loose gravel on corner.
17.4 Left on Island Lake Road (at stop sign).
17.8 Porsche for sale on left.
20.1 Left on Dexter-Pinkney Road (at traffic light).
23.7 Right on North Territorial Road (at traffic light).
24.4 Right on Huron River Drive (at blinking yellow traffic light).
27.7 Right on Mast Road (at stop sign).
28.0 Right on Third Steet.
28.1 Left on Broad Street (at stop sign).
28.3 or so Arrive downtown Dexter. Park on street or in parking lot for strip mall on right.
Join us for a wrap-up coffee and/or sweets at The Bear Claw Coffee Shop (Northeast corner of Broad and Dexter-Ann Arbor Road). For those with a sweeter tooth the Dairy Queen is across the street from the Bear Claw.