Rally Sport Region Member Directory

Saturday, February 2, 2019 9:06 AM

Looking to get in touch with a Rally Sport Region member? Look them up below! (For those of you who are more likely to remember a car than a face, we've even included a car directory).

This directory is a work in progress. Would you like to be included? Send your contact information and a photo of your car to der Cranky Webmeister.

* [Rally Sport Region Charter Member]

Our Members
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Amidon, Eric      
Ascherl, Stephen   Historic 1990 964 stephenascherl(at) gmail.com
Ash, Doug      
Avery, Robert      
Berthiaume, Martin      
Bliznik, Tom   Restored 1974 914 tjbliznik(at) ameritech_net
Brown, Charlie, III Livonia Low 356A chbrown3(at) gmail.com
Chandler, Bill Ann Arbor Bill Chandler's 718 billchandler2211(at) comcast.net
Chandler, Paul      
Christopher, Jim Ortonville (Athens) Jim Christopher - Mid Ohio jim(at) fmcmichigan.com
Church, Peter      
Cocciolone, Nick      
Coleman, Bill      
Collet, Thomas      
Cook, Christian Troy CCook christiancook43(at) yahoo.com
Cooper, Dave Canton D. Cooper new 911 davecarrera4(at) gmail.com
Costa, Guilherme   Guilherme Costa gmachado76(at) yahoo.de
Curry, Robert      
Dowty, Jim   Jim Dowty jdowty3(at) gmail.com
Dunham, Jim     boxersix(at) aol.com
Dunlap, Jack Hamburg Jack Dunlap jldatshannon(at) sbcglobal.net
Dunn, Jim Novi Township Jim Dunn jimdunnster(at) gmail.com
Ellis, Wayne Clarkston Wayne Ellis wellis2357(at) comcast.net
EMan (a.k.a. Cranky Webmeister) [*] South Lyon EMan’s 944 Turbo rsppca(at) crankydriver.com
Finn, Doug Dexter Doug Finn 2001 911 C4 doug(at) finnsins.com
Foney, Rhoderick      
Free, Stewart & Sally Brighton Stewart stewsalfree(at) outlook.com
Gaulin, Dan & Hope Northville Gaulin 911  
Gedeon, Eric Ann Arbor Eric986 egedeon(at) howardcooper.com
Gilligan, George Ann Arbor George Gilligan Novice Day gm.gilligan(at) comcast.net
Grant, Peter Ann Arbor Peter Grant’s 1985 911 Carrera pgrant(at) speakeasy.net
Groosh Dexter Groosh 928 groosh(at) groosh.com
Harrison, Robert      
Heidorn, Jon   Jon Heidorn - 911 jonheidorn(at) comcast.net
Howorth, Stephen      
Huber, Matt   Matt Huber - Addiction
Hudson, Dan      
Hughes, Randy Gross Ile Randy Hughes’s 2016 Carrera 4S ARNDOLPH(at) aol.com
Jeski, Pat Pinkney Pat Jeski  
Kantrow, Dan & Mary Ann [*]     secretary(at) rsrpca.org
Kelter, David Beverly Hills David Kelter kelto1(at) comcast.net
Krueger, Tom Sterling Heights Tom thomasjkrueger(at) gmail.com
Krumel, Wesley Ann Arbor   wesley.krumel(at) att.net
Kunick, Frank Howell   frankkunick(at) comcast.net
Kytasty, John Livonia Tom john.kytasty(at) gmail.com
Lanciaux, Fran      
Lile, Joe [*]     j.lile(at) sbcglobal.net
Linn, Burghard Brighton Cayman next to B-17 burghard.linn(at) gmail.com
Maehling, Peter Brighton Peter Maehling pmaehling(at) provide.net
Maier, Ulf Ann Arbor Ulf ulfmaier(at) sbcglobal.net
Maloof, Christian Brighton Christian cmmaloof(at) gmail.com
Mammel, Rick and Lynda Novi RickTurbo metalworks(at) ameritech.net
McCardell, Kirk      
Mercier, Greg Ann Arbor Greg Mercier’s 914 rabbitgm(at) gmail.com
Metz, Randall      
Moore, James      
Morganti, Carl   914-6 cmorganti(at) peoplepc.com
O'Rear, Mike & Kathy Ann Arbor Mike & Kathy O’Rear morear734(at) gmail.com
Onken, Brian      
Park, Steve   Turbo Spark123(at) comcast.net
Pete, Greg      
Pillay, Michael & Brenda   Michael Brenda 996 pillayyu(at) gmail.com
Pizzuti, Laura & Brian     Brian.pizzuti(at) yahoo.com
Roedenbeck, Valerie Ann Arbor Valerie vroedenbeck(at) yahoo.com
Roedenbeck, Ernesto & Olga Lake Orion Ernesto e993914(at) comcast.com
Roberson, Garrett Howell Garrett Roberson's 1986 Carrera Coupe g.roberson567(at) yahoo.com
Roberts, Kelly      
Rozen, Wes South Lyon Wes Rozen's 2000 Porsche 911 Millennium car #515 wjrcobra706(at) sbcglobal.net
Salata, Steve & Diane Pinckney Schmidt 911 salatahouse(at) yahoo.com
Salchow, Greg      
Sandau, Bob [*]      
Sarin, Sue Milford Sue sueatcape(at) msn.com
Sasyk, Andy     aos2(at) comcast.net
Shanks, Steve [*]      
Schmidt, Axel & Claudia Ann Arbor Schmidt 911 mail(at) axel-schmidt.de
Spieker, Arnie     tgarnoldo(at) netzero.net
Smith, Robert      
Stanton, Mike      
Starin, Gary & Carolyn     gcstarin(at) comcast.net
Thorpe, Brian   Brian Thorpe 928 threehulls(at) gmail.com
Trapp, Glenn & Claudia [*]   Glenn Trapp gtrapper(at) gmail.com
Uhlig, Mark Oakland Township Mark Uhlig 1967 912 silverarrowgarage(at) gmail.com
Utter, Al & Claire Trenton Al Utter autter911(at) hotmail.com
Wagenheim, Elliot      
Williams, Chris      
Wortman, Daniel   Daniel Wortman 718 GTS dwortman1145(at) gmail.com
Yu, David Saline David Yu amge55(at) outlook.com
Zumhagen, Conrad Ann Arbor David Yu a2carguy(at) comcast.net
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* [Rally Sport Region Charter Member]