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The Rally Sport Region (RSP) of the Porsche Club of America covers southeastern Michigan, including the Detroit/Ann Arbor area. We have about 300 members who love Porsches, driving and food (though not necessarily in that order).

From driver’s education to social events and fine dining, Rally Sport Region has an activity for you! Visit our events page for all the details. We’d love to have you join us!

To join the Porsche club, go to either the PCA sign-up page, or download the membership form from our site.


Latest Region/Site News...

Next Meeting

Feb 3: A Rally Sport club meeting is at 7:00 on Monday, Feb. 3 at Karl’s Cabin. Come and join us! (map link)

Next Events

Feb 15: Time with Tim - Hosted by Tim Potts

Site Update

The January-February 2020 Bahn Stormer is now available on-line here (or this direct download link).


Porsches of Rally Sport

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Porsche Stupendous Serving Dish LIV 2020 Ad (Spoilers)

Extended Version

SMugMug Upload Links:

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DE Grattan Weekend (6/14-16/2019): https://RSRpics.smugmug.com/upload/ffqwTj/grt

Drive to Air Zoo (6/29/2019): https://rsrpics.smugmug.com/upload/FS2pgf/airzoo

DE July Event (7/9/2019): https://rsrpics.smugmug.com/upload/4z6KpG/wrr7

Color Tour (10/12/2019): https://RSRpics.smugmug.com/upload/dLHXJK/col19

Time with Tim (10/19/2019): https://rsrpics.smugmug.com/upload/MF23XK/twt1019

Polar Bear Run (11/3/2019): https://rsrpics.smugmug.com/upload/bj7wnv/pb19

Time with Tim (11/16/2019): https://rsrpics.smugmug.com/upload/CHzQpH/twt1119

RSR Holiday Party (12/7/2019): https://rsrpics.smugmug.com/upload/sN6Tmf/hp19

Eleanor and Edsel Ford House Tour (12/14/2019): https://rsrpics.smugmug.com/upload/T9ZGTs/ford1219


Pictures: Time with Tim (February 16, 2019)

Thanks to all of the RSP members who uploaded photos of this event!

[SmugMug Gallery]


Pictures: Time with Tim (January 19, 2019)

Thanks to all of the RSP members who uploaded photos of this event!

[SmugMug Gallery]